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AKAY CONSTRUCTION INC. Solar Energy Projects

Utku Ünal, Technical Manager of Akay Construction, which has 50 projects with an area of more than 2 million square meters since the year 1985 of estaplishment, said that ‘we are continuing our way by adding 400 thousand square meters of real estate area every year.’

Unal specified that, for the purpose of making TOKİ becomes, one of the most important solution partners and been producing and distributing 15,000 dwelling units in accordance with its projects and mediating to the buyers, and he said that ‘In 2017, TOKİ and other contracting projects are taking parts and qualified houses are being produced and we will continue to support this country's economy by delivering of the housing as soon as possible.’

Unal emphasized that the energy obtained from fossil fuels damage the world, the eco-system is going to collapse rapidly and that is seem to be made with preferences by human beings with their own hands, ‘Therefore, the person who does it can stop, even if it is not an individual, with his own preference, no later than by his own hand, he can gradually neutralize it, the worst thing can be stopped. Taking into consideration the potential that our country has in particular regarding solar energy, we have a special interest in TOKİ' s projects in this matter, which we aim to be a good solution partner in our office, and we are especially interested in undertaking such projects and in our company's private residential projects We preferred to use energy sources, respect for the environment, and use appropriate materials that can be recycled as much as possible in our constructions.’

Mr. Unal also emphasizing that they prefer to use the technology and the design that is renewable with energy resources extensively in NERİS projects in Yaşamkent-Ankara, which is the first private residential projects and which is still under construction, starting from the sensitivities in the energy sector. "We are trying to make the best use of the solar energy in our NERİS project. And we use photovoltaic solar energy panes for most of the common energy costs of the entire project. We have used the expressions of encouraging residents from it, preferring to build special charging stations for electric cars in order to support those who already prefers. " Unal stated that they participated in the 'A' Design Award project competition with their project, which is the competition of the world's leading architectural projects, and that they have passed ten elements. He added that, ' We made a decision to participate in such a prestigious competition, we among projects worthy of competing after the preliminary process. Our project has gained admission among competing projects. It is the most important criterion which tells that how we believe and trust in our work, and how right we are.’

"We must invest in renewable energy sources"

Mr. Unal, also said that, they have applied the energy politics in Antalya Arena Stadium projects which contains UEFA and FIFA criteria , and he informed with stadium architecture that, it is the 2nd stadium of the world that is the full circle firmed with its stadium structure. Unal said that, the total power of 1400 kW was reached by placing 5,600 photovoltaic solar panels on the 12,000 square meters of the 22,000 square meter roof of the stadium that covered the stands of the stadium. "In other words, if a comparison is made, the daily electricity consumption of a house is 7,200 kW, It should be taken into account that the Antalya Arena Stadium has a power to produce the electricity it needs for 550 households due to its instantaneous 1400 kW electricity generation. Antalya Arena, which is the most electricity generating stadium in the world, produces electricity in one day due to the photovoltaic solar panels we have consumed in a month and sells the remaining energy to the regional electricity distribution companies.

Mr. Unal emphasizing the need to invest in renewable energy sources, and he said, ‘Especially when it is considered that GES is an uninterrupted power source, much more importance emerges. For this reason we have to gather around a high national consciousness, use our own resources to move towards renewable energy sources to protect the ecosystem that we are destroying, we must invest and see it as a social responsibility or even a necessity.‘

Due to these features of the Antalya Arena Stadium, the Turkish Football Federation (TFF) has been pointed among the stadiums to be played in the application for the Euro 2024 European Football Championship nomination for FIFA, ‘We are very proud of this situation. The officials of the Kosovo Football Federation also had the opportunity to see stadium during the Turkey-Kosovo friendship match and demanded that we participate absolutely in the bid for the stadium and camp training center to be built in their country. Obviously, we had an extra pleasure from that, on behalf of our own company and our country. For this reason, we want to be a solution partner in this project of our friend and brother country Kosovo and to take part in the extent that the conditions permit.’ He said.

Mr. Unal stated that they aimed to carry their experiences abroad in line with the targets of the year 2023 and to represent Turkey abroad. ‘We started to work by establishing a company in early 2016 in order to increase the quality of life for the people in Mozambique and to make them meet the new technologies in construction by producing qualified housing in the sister city of Maputo in Mozambique, with the support of our Ankara Metropolitan Municipality.’ He added.

‘As a result of sustained work and established relations, We have signed a contract to build 5 thousand houses in five years on the land free allocated with Maputo Municipality and with Maputo Chamber of Commerce, trade center and residence last year in December.’ Mr. Unal said. He continued, ‘We have decided to actualize these contracts that we have signed in 2017 is one of the most important targets of our Company. This will be the first overseas investment project for Akay Constuction Inc. Therefore, this project is that we have been striving for and care about it.‘

"We are hopeful for the future of the sector"

Unal said, "We believe and deem that the sector has the power to do this with its own capital accumulation and experience and our government has taken the comforting measures in a timely and decisive manner, but that the present situation can be overcome not only by the government but by all the stakeholders."

April, 2017 - Dünya İnşaat Magazine