Akay İnşaat

Our Company has been founded in 1985 to operate engineering and contracting activities and have been established as a result of business partnerships with investor public institutions, especially TOKI(which is a social project) , as well as various national and international major projects and also housing, universities, industrial and sports facilities without sacrificing the quality and reliability of the premises, with respect to the environment, fully delivered on time and keep contiuning as well.

We have signed thousands of houses, schools, universities, trade centers, hospitals, sports facilities, stadiums and infrastructure projects in the process we have left behind.

With the knowledge that we have been gained and our talented workforce staff; we undertake to be a pioneering mission in the construction industry, especially in the concept of environmentally antipollutionist buildings.

Additionally, we have started signing abroad projects in order to successfully represent our country on far distant lands and to contribute for the year 2023 export targets of our country.

Our company that continues to raise each year with its projects, has AKAY autograph at every stage of its manufactured productions, by our environmental management and designed our young and dynamic expert staff and also is continuening to be sensitive to the nature in their business with a visionary perspective and will continue to be more sustainable in the industry.

With all kind of positive feelings and thoughts, I wish you to have a happy and healthy life, Regards.


AKAY Construction Inc. Chairman of the Board